We May Be Small, But We’ve Got It All

The Best Mini-Market in Red Feather Lakes, CO

Welcome to the Red Feather Trading Post, the flourishing mini-market of Red Feather Lakes, CO. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re certain you’ll find it here. From our grocery store to our humble espresso shop, we host a diverse location full of cheer, friendly service, and every product you can imagine. Our mini-market may be small, but we have it all, guaranteed. 

grocery store frozen food items

Grocery Store

handmade crafts and gift shop items

Handmade Crafts

expresso shop coffee and treats

Espresso Shop

Essentials & More

When we say the Red Feather Trading Post has it all, we really mean it. Our mini-market has everything you need, including essentials like groceries, a gas station, and fun specialty items like lottery tickets and more. Whether you’re visiting the area for a short time or extending your stay, you can count on our trading post to provide you with the items you need to feel comfortable. 

Hang out at The Out-Law-Tte Espresso Shop

Everyone needs a long, hot drink once in a while, and we deliver. Welcome to the Out-Law-Tte, our full-service espresso shop. Head over and browse our menu of hot and cold drinks alike, including special smoothies infused with yogurt and fruit, and—of course—our steaming coffee and espresso. Our coffee shop the perfect place to kick your feet up, grab a drink, and chat with friends. 

Serving the Community Since 1924

Since 1924, our family has worked together to make all visitors to Red Feather Lakes and our trading post feel like they’re at home in our presence. For almost a century, we’ve kept the downtown district alive and bustling, providing citizens with groceries, tourists with souvenirs, and a safe place for friends and family to chat. Our trading post is our home, and we invite you to experience an environment like no other. 

Enjoy Some Market Shopping Today

Get an authentic taste of the Colorado community by shopping at Red Feather Trading Post today. Shop for your essential groceries, get sidetracked by beautiful gifts handmade by local artists, and enjoy yourself at the Out-Law-Tte cafe. We treat you like family and lifelong friends, and we promise you’ll never find a mini-market quite like ours. 

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